Search tips

Quick start

Searching jobs with JobHits is very easy:

  1. Enter words into Keywords box (for example: Accountant, Java Developer...)
  2. Enter a location in Location box (London, Kent, Leeds...)
  3. Click on "Search Jobs" button. JobHits will then start doing heavy weightlifting to bring you the best jobs in town!

Exact phrases search

To find jobs matching an exact phrase, put double quotes around the words.

For example: "Java Developer"


All searches made on JobHits are case insensitive. Therefore, JAVA DEVELOPER, java developer or Java Developer all return the same results.

Advanced search tips

You can narrow down or broaden your search by using AND and NOT in your query. For example, to search for Java jobs but not PHP, you can issue java NOT php. If you are looking for jobs that involve both Java and PHP programming skills, the query java AND php can be used.

Find jobs from a company or recruiter

You can search jobs from a particular company or recruiter by enter in the keyword box this query: company:(COMPANY NAME HERE). For example, to find jobs from Vodafone you can type: company:(Vodafone).

Find jobs from a site

You can search jobs from a particular jobsite by enter in the keyword box this query: site:(SITE NAME HERE). For example, to find jobs from you can type: site:(SeoJobsFinder).

Filter and sort search results

Normally, JobHits can return thousands of jobs for a particular query. If you feel intimidating with the amount of jobs returned, you can click on filtering links on the left hand side to narrow down the search results. Currently, JobHits allows filtering by titles, locations, job types and sources.

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